MSEI is the result of a long-thought process between a group of experts specialized in various fields. These individuals have accumulated over two centuries of experience in the different fields of activities where MSEI gravitates.

Having noticed that the clients’ needs have become more and more specific and demanding in the legal, insurance and scientific fields, MSEI was motivated to redefine its approach in expertise and scientific support.

Each mandate is treated as a special case, adapted to the client’s need and oriented towards objectives defined by the client in collaboration with our experts.

MSEI aims at that kind of continuous interaction between client and expert in order to treat a project as more than just a simple mandate.

MSEI was founded ten (10) years ago by a group of experts highly qualified in the environmental, chemistry and engineering domains. Its goal is to produce high-level scientific and technical expert assessments which rigourously respond to clients’ expectations, principally from the insurance, legal and industrial sectors.

MSEI experts establish the origin and cause of losses.

Always assisted by their support personnel, MSEI experts work individually or in collaboration to find “the” appropriate answer to each of their client's queries, demanding a scientific solution, for an efficient resolution to each file.

At MSEI, we wish to develop and to maintain a long-term relationship with our clientele. We strongly believe that this way favors a win–win partnership... with you, our clients.

To be THE reference in scientific-legal expertise in Quebec.

To fulfill this challenging mission, we are setting up teams of experienced professionals with a perfect command of scientific, engineering and legal backgrounds.

To our customers, we commit to:
  • Demonstrate the scientific exactitude in the execution of our mandates;
  • Popularize and simplify the information obtained to facilitate the understanding of scientific evidence;
  • Guide them in all steps of the resolution of their cases;
  • Respect them by demonstrating professionalism, courtesy and integrity;
  • Develop a long-term partnership.
To our employees we commit to:
  • Offer them a stimulating and rewarding work;
  • Work with them in their professional development;
  • Offer them a healthy working environment, respectful of their personality, equal, courteous and honest.

MSEI has a single approach to serving its clientele, which is divided into three steps:

  1. Establish a common understanding of the mandate and the problem;
  2. Undertake a rigorous and independent scientific and technical analysis;
  3. Prepare a report written by experts that engages their professional responsibility.

MSEI’s clients are:
  • Insurers
  • Claim Adjusters
  • Lawyers
  • Industrialists
  • Private
  • Individuals