Depending on the damage

The MSEI clientele’s problems are varied, important and require an immediate response.

Our experts join forces when our clients face losses, such as:
Damages to health

MSEI offers advanced microbiological assessments to find the causes of bacteria, mold and fungal propagation. Our chemists conduct investigations on consumer goods, chemical processes and food chemistry. Our experts also analyze and control files involving asbestos and soot.

Environmental damages

MSEI offers environmental assessments and decontamination management services, recommendations on appropriate disposal of contaminated products and materials (including petroleum hydrocarbon products and asbestos), as well as site rehabilitation and restoration services.

Building and structural damage

MSEI offers engineering services including; the determination of the cause of building failure, the conception and implementation of supports, modelling and structural analysis and the evaluation of building envelopes, soils and foundations.

Agricultural losses

MSEI provides agronomy services to assess and quantify crop losses or other damages resulting from the use of pesticides, in addition to resolving problems involving climate, soil or fertilization. Our expertise also extends to the analysis of losses in animal production related to food or microbiological issues. Our experts are also experienced in composting, waste management and soil rehabilitation.

Damages to materials (metallic and non-metallics)

MSEI offers its experts’ services to determine the cause and origin of structural or mechanical problems, to analyze material failure and corrosion. MSEI performs industrial consultation and laboratory testing.