Resulting from the confinement of the last couple of months, some might feel that they pushed the sedentary lifestyle up to the point where they now feel the need to get back into shape as soon as possible. Whatever the privileged activity is, the golden rule requires to put back on track our “machine” at a progressive rate. Whether for the beginner or for those recovering from an injury, a progressive interval-based program, alternating walking and running will achieve the wildest goals while minimizing the risk of injuries. The book Prevention of running injuries (1) offers, among other things, an interval program which begins on “Day One” with an alternating outing between three minutes of walking and three minutes of running. This same program will lead the runner to run thirty continuous minutes after eight weeks of gradual and assiduous progress. We all have specific physical conditions and obviously certain situations could require the
consultation of a health professional.

All the best with your deconfinement!

Rémi Charbonneau, Engineer
Scientific Expert – Mechanical Engineering
Cell: 514-475-7364


1 Prevention of running injuries: The running clinic, Blaise Dubois, 2010