Our team

MSEI is composed of a network of associates and collaborators with extensive experience in various sectors of science and engineering.

Our Experts 

Jean René Dumont Chemist, M.Sc.

President & General Manager – Scientific Expert

Sylvain Allard Engineer, MBA

Executive Vice President – Scientific Expert – Metallurgy & Materials

Laurent Arsenault Engineer M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

Vice President – Engineering – Scientific Expert

Amr Rouchdy Chemist, M.Sc

Vice President – Science – Scientific Expert

Marie Allard

Senior Project Manager – Scientific Expert

Ian Harvey B.Sc. (Hons), Environment and Geoscience

Senior Project Manager – Scientific Expert

David Rousseau Chemist, M.Sc.

Senior Project Manager – Scientific Expert – Materials – Chemistry

Yanick Ostiguy B. ing.

Project Manager – Scientific Expert – Fire Expert – Industrial Engineering

Vincent April Civil Engineer, M.Eng

Project Manager – Scientific Expert

Pierre Amiot B.Eng. IWE

Project Manager – Scientific Expert – Mechanical – Welding

Simon Brousseau Civil Engineer, M.Eng.

Scientific expert – Engineering – Building Structure

Paul Hébert Civil Engineer, M.Sc.A

Technical advisor – Affiliate to MSEI

Our Technicians 

Claude Dumont

Senior Technician

Bruno Jean B.Sc. Env.


Pierre Colin

Technical Services

Our Collaborators

We also work with several experienced collaborators in various fields such as microbiology, engineering, agronomy, origins and causes. and causes.

Our Administration

Chantal Carbonneau

Administrative Director

Louise Vaillancourt

Administrative Assistant – Receptionist

Isabelle Carbonneau

Administrative Assistant