Each year, MSEI receives numerous mandates pertaining agricultural losses, whether related to loss of crops in the fields or in storage, various animal productions, as well as dairy production.

Within those files, those concerning loss of crops in the fields that are related to pesticide applications are the most complex of them all.

The mechanisms and causes of losses linked to pesticides vary and the scientific expert agronomist is best qualified to resolve these issues which usually involve multiple responsibilities. For instance, the principal causes linked to theses losses, as observed over the years are:

  • Drifts to unintended fields caused by winds during application
  • Poorly cleaned residues in the sprayer from a previous application (cross contamination)
  • Residual side effect due to a previous application
  • Cumulative effects of residues of several products in the soil
  • Wrong dosage or inadequate use of one or a combination of products
  • Cross-contamination transfer of containers or other products manipulations

The determination of the causes is performed by observations in the field, the expertise of data related to the damaged crop and the products concerned and also by targeted laboratory analyses on soil, plants or products used.

Another difficulty of these files is to establish a fair quantum of loss, especially in the case of partial loss. Some losses can sometimes be reduced by revenues of alternative markets for crops, where initial target market is no longer possible.

The experience and general knowledge of the scientific expert play a key role in this kind of file. Such expert will research the best solutions and, in particular, for the production of files necessary to better define the claim.

MSEI’s experts will assist you to achieve this type of case and defend it in court, if necessary.